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Kim Edwards

Lovers And Loners

Artist:     Kim Edwards

Album:     Lovers And Loners

Label:     White Shore Music Co.

Release Date:     09/25/2015


It’s not just the fact that there’s probably lots of people who can relate to the title of Kim Edwards’ sophomore set, Lovers And Loners. After all, chances are that if you’re not in love, you may well be a loner… at least for the present. Consequently, there’s a striking emotional resonance to this lovely EP, the songs of which are so telling and truthful that they’d almost certainly strike an emotional chord regardless. From the carefree strains of the opening track, “Love,” to the ache and passion of “The Book of Love” and “Stay,” the disc woos the listener on first encounter, and from that point on simply refuses to let go.

Part of the reason for the immediate attachment has to do with Edwards’ voice, an instrument so pure, wholesome and unaffected it can’t help but ensure that the sentiments ring true. Even when the initial optimism turns to heartbreak and disappointment, Edwards remains bound to her trajectory, affirming the honesty imbued in the record overall. And then, as the final track, the soaring “The Sweetest Sounds,” builds to its inevitable conclusion, the immediate impulse is to put the record back on and hear it all again.

Lovers And Loners is a flawless set of songs, one that ought to establish Edwards as a rising star on the horizon… specifically in the singer/songwriter sphere. Having proven her acumen at the outset, lovers and loners alike will find much to relish without remorse or regret.

– Lee Zimmerman

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