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John Hammond


All photos by Mark J. Smith It has been said that John Hammond is a great force of nature, and sounds like a big train coming at you. Well, having … Read more

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Ork Records: New York, New York

Punk rock was born in America. Before the Sex Pistols and the Clash, playing young, loud and snotty was already a stateside tradition. Someone just needed to put the sound … Read more

The Yawpers

If you’re simply looking for another run-of-the-mill folk album to play while meandering on country roads, then the Yawpers may not be your top choice… for all the right reasons. … Read more


Hailing from Brazil, Boogarins play a sunny and relaxed brand of psychedelic pop-rock. Their latest record, Manual, shimmers with pleasing hooks, sugary harmonies and reverberated soaring dual guitars. There’s a … Read more

A Tribute to Ewan MacColl

Although his name isn’t especially well known here in the United States, Ewan MacColl was one of the most prolific songwriters in Britain’s traditional folk scene. Nevertheless, two of his … Read more

Drive-By Truckers

This, a three disc set of live recordings over one weekend at the Fillmore West, is the penultimate Drive-by Truckers package, a career spanning collection of many of the best … Read more

Steve Martin and Edie Brickell

When you were once known as the goofball who donned a fake arrow through the head, serenaded under the guise of King Tut and uttered the dopey exclamation “Excuuuuuuuuse me,” … Read more

The Foreign Resort

The Foreign Resort’s new EP, The American Dream, finds its way somewhere between the music of the ’80s and the sentiment of today, and to top it all off, Mikkel … Read more

Peter Frampton

When you had one of the best selling albums of all time — in this case, Frampton Comes Alive — and it’s well over twenty years since you celebrated the … Read more