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Exclusive: Andrew Ripp’s “Waiting Room” Connects to Listeners on a Personal Level

Photo by Clark Brewer
Photo by Clark Brewer

After 2013’s Won’t Let Go, which debuted at #3 on iTunes Singer/Songwriter chart, and 2014’s acoustic album, Simple, Andrew Ripp is set to release his self-titled, fourth studio album on Friday. This time around, Ripp worked with the Grammy nominated producer Ed Cash (Amy Grant, NEEDTOBREATHE).

Ripp’s music is parts country, pop and even gospel. His lyrics are personal- most especially on the new release. The ten tracks were co-written by Ripp and they cover the loss, love, addictions and struggles that came first hand to him. This is also why Ripp has decided to name the album after himself.

“Waiting Room” especially hits home for Ripp. Someone very dear to him received irregular test results back from a doctor. Ripp says he wrote this song while waiting for the doctor to call with the news. “I was wrapped in the moment of the unknown and praying that whatever the news was that my friend would be okay. I think a lot of people can relate to this song and there is a comfort in writing music that you know people will connect with on a personal level.”

Listen to “Waiting Room” now and pre-order the new album here.


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