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Exclusive: Danielia Cotton Cuts Straight Through The Rainy Day Blues With An Uplifting New Track

danielia cottonGetting compared in the same breath to Tina Turner and the Rolling Stones may seem like a head scratching contradiction, but Danielia Cotton just happens to be the kind of artist who not only dwells in musical contradictions– she makes them shine.

Growing up in New Jersey raised by a single mother, she took her mother’s strength and wisdom to heart when she came to Manhattan to cut her teeth as a blues/rock musician. Now, with three original albums and a covers album under her belt and another one on the way, Cotton is garnering increasing praise for her blistering chops and fearless attitude that she conveys in her songwriting.

In her new single, “Anything But Ordinary,” which will land on her upcoming album, Cotton’s soulful vocals float above funk instrumentation and gospel style harmonies, creating a uniquely uplifting blend of rock, soul and blues. Of the track, Cotton says, ““Anything But Ordinary” is a nice turn in style for me. There are still elements of the indie rock, soul based sound I take pride in, but dreamy hints of pop help “ice” and add a bit of freshness to the song. As far as the message: Don’t envy your so-called heroes, fly as you are and embrace your natural born individuality. There’s only one you.”

As Danielia suggests, her song builds to a soaring climax, a perfect fit for her words that champion inspiration and individuality.

Listen to “Anything But Ordinary” below.

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