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Exclusive: Dudley Taft’s Skin and Bones- Listen to the Entire Album Here Ahead of Release


Blues rocker Dudley Taft is sharing his full album, Skin and Bones, ahead of this Friday’s official release.

Taft grew up in the Midwest. Those roots are definitely in Taft’s music, who’s background includes Berklee College of Music, but that’s not all you’re going to hear on Skin and Bones. As a teen, Taft founded a band called Space Antelope with friend Trey Anastasio. Yes, that Trey Anastasio. In the ’90s, Taft joined Seattle band Sweet Water and toured the US opening for Candlebox and Alice in Chains. So while Taft embraces the blues, there are also a lot of Seattle grunge influences on Skin and Bones.

Taft recorded this album differently than his last three. As a fan of Neil Young, he wanted to do work in the studio like Young does- a raw feel with limited takes and no fussing over blemishes.

Listen here and pre-order the album on iTunes now.

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