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Exclusive: Feel The Burn On With Lions’ Supernatural Track “Rundown (The Fire)”

GetFileAttachmentAfter capturing the world with their 2012 debut EP Equipo, full of orchestral instrumentation, tender vocals, and swirling rhythms, finally, Baltimore and New Jersey-based multi-genre band With Lions are back with more killer music. In preparation of their upcoming record, Fast Luck, releasing early next year, the guys of With Lions have been getting major buzz in the media world, featured on soundtracks for some of the biggest shows on television today like Reckless, Suits, and Shameless. If this acclaim isn’t enough, their latest tunes will be more than enough to sway you to get on board.

On the band’s latest single “Rundown (The Fire),” With Lions keep their cinematic expertise going with sweeping beats but take it a step further by blending hip-hop elements with modern rock instrumentals and world-fusion funk. Opening with an eerie flatline followed by clapping and some vocal scatting, sultry, eerie vocals asking “This time I wanna know if I’m the only one who feels the burn/Can you feel it?”, the song then launches into explosive, symphonic rhythms and fast-paced vocal interludes. To sum it up, “Rundown” is a chase scene in your favorite action movie. The lyric video With Lions has released to accompany the track is an equally vivid, fiery visual aid, streaming abstract images of flames behind stark, black lyrics. Listen to “Rundown” once and you’ll start to feel the heat; watch the lyric video and you’ll see it.

Dripping with red-hot fervor made clear by the pulsing rhythms and slick vocals, “Rundown (The Fire)” is a lush, raging, genre-defying track. Connect with the band on their website for updates about Fast Luck and watch the lyric video below:

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