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Exclusive: Hunter & The Bear Kicks Off New Elmore Video Series With The Scorching “Blood Red Skies”

Hunter and the Bear

The members of Hunter & The Bear don’t have long bios on their website, but take one look at the guys’ favorite tunes, and you’ll quickly get a sense of who they are not just as musicians, but as music lovers. From Lynyrd Skynyrd and The Band to Led Zeppelin and Steve Vai, these four young men from the UK are steeped in the tradition of classic rock, and as fans first and foremost, they’re turning out some of the most exciting and buzz-worthy rock n roll of recent years.

As we highlighted in our premiere of their first single, “Burn It Up,” back in May, the band got their first push into the spotlight when they snagged a spot opening up for Eric Clapton. Their enthusiastic reception left them hungry for more, and they’ve been chasing the dream and racking up fans ever since.

For part one of Elmore’s exclusive three part video series, Hunter & The Bear is sharing an intimate music video for “Blood Red Skies,” the final track from their EP, Wildfire, featuring the boys recording the song in-studio. The vibrant, raw energy of a live performance is captured in the song, as is the passion and pain the men let seep into their music. Will Irvine’s vocals rasp against Jimmy Hunter’s wailing guitar, and the clean, wooden space of the studio mirrors the crisp balance of the song- from the harmonies which complement but never overshadow the lead, to the ebb and flow of the song, which bursts and recedes in perfect, measured control, leaving you holding your breath for what’s next.

Watch the video for “Blood Red Skies” below, and keep on the lookout for parts two and three of our Hunter & The Bear video series, coming soon.

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