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Exclusive: Hunter & The Bear’s “Shadow Man”- Second Video Release in Elmore Series


Last Tuesday, Hunter & The Bear exclusively shared the video for “Blood Red Skies”, the final track off their Wildfire EP. Today, we see the release of video #2- “Shadow Man”. As previously mentioned, this quartet from the UK is heavily inspired by classic rock. “Shadow Man” is their prime example of that inspiration.

Watch the video for “Shadow Man” below. The vocals here are stunning and powerful, with backing instruments coming through as a nod to the folk genre. The video is simple and perfect for the song. There aren’t any bells and whistles here, no visual story or cameo appearances. Instead, it’s Hunter & the Bear in the studio playing live with mics in front of them and headphones on. You’re immediately drawn into just the performance. When the band opened for Eric Clapton a few months ago, the crowd enjoyed them so much that some people even missed Clapton’s opening songs while they waited in line to pick up Hunter & the Bear merchandise.

The third video in Elmore‘s video series with Hunter & The Bear will be posted here next Tuesday.

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