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Exclusive: Jeremy Nash Explores Universal Emotions with “Getaway Driver”

Courtesy of Seth Cohen PR
Courtesy of Seth Cohen PR

Getaway Driver is Jeremy Nash’s new album, set for digital release on October 30th.

Nash credits the raw, emotional elements in his songwriting to years of listening to Counting Crows and Ryan Adams. His authentic lyrics and catchy tunes also bring to mind bits of Jackson Browne and Paul Simon- not a bad combo. After spending close to a decade in New York City’s folk scene, a move was made to Nashville where he has the ability to truly shine as a writer and performer. Following 2012’s debut, Too Far Apart, Nash wanted to dig deeper into his feelings and depict 21st century experiences through anxieties, isolation, and our longing for human connection. Getaway Driver is the result. “I’m not the best at expressing myself in “real life,” so for me, songwriting gives me a chance to connect to people on a deeper emotional level,” Nash has said.

Stream the title track off Nash’s new album below. He says it’s a happy accident of a song. “Every once in a while, I set out to write a happy song, but it rarely goes the way I expect it to. I was listening to a lot of Steve Earle and thought it’d be fun to write a song about a getaway driver in his country-rock style. Turns out I had a lot more to say about living with fear and anxiety, and it ended up with the unusual distinction of being both intensely personal and broadly accessible.”

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