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Exclusive: Lara Ruggles Shares the Personal “Steady My Love” From Upcoming Album

photo by Art Heffron
photo by Art Heffron


Lara Ruggles is a singer/songwriter from Colorado with a catchy folk style and amazing vocal range. Her LP Cynics & Saints will be released tomorrow. Ruggles is honest and captivating in her lyrics and although the album is inspired by her own strengths and personal battles, these songs speak to everyone.

After 2011’s EP, Out of an Eggshell, Ruggles knew she was on the right career path, though setbacks and roadblocks (Bruce Springsteen had to borrow equipment that was needed to master the record) delayed the album’s completion. Check out the premiere of the album’s second track, “Steady My Love”, which was written after the first line “mind over the sea” popped into her head on evening.

“I tossed it around for awhile, and wondered, ‘what does that even mean’, and then I decided to keep writing even if I didn’t know and see where it went,” she explained. “[It was] a good reminder that our inner critics don’t always know what’s up. It ended up being one of those songs you write as a message to yourself – when I sing “Steady My Love,” I’m very much talking to that uncertain, doubtful part of myself who doesn’t know if she has what it takes to handle the cards she’s been dealt – even if they’re good ones! Sometimes we’re not ready for the good things that come to us, and we’ve gotta grab their tails as they go by and hold on for dear life ’til the ride’s over.”

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