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Exclusive: Listen As Annabelle’s Curse Weaves A Beautiful And Bittersweet Story Of Love

Annabelle's Curse

From Brooklyn to San Francisco to Europe and beyond, bands claiming the moniker of Americana seem to be a dime a dozen these days, which is why it’s all the more remarkable when you discover one that truly stands out. Perhaps Annabelle’s Curse has their hometown to thank for that. Raised in the mountains of Bristol, VA, the five piece band maintains a strong backbone of bluegrass, with swelling, mesmerizing harmonies and the constant twang of singer Carly Booher’s mandolin.

Today the band is debuting “Lovedrunk Desperados,” a track from their upcoming, self-released album, Worn Out Skin, which comes out on October 23rd. The interplay between the trembling high register of Booher’s voice and the emotional, masculine timbre of Tim Kilbourne, the guitarist and lead songwriter, creates a lovely sonic contrast that heightens the poetic imagery of the lyrics. The band utilizes fast-paced instrumentation mixed with hesitant vocals to play on the contradiction between pleasure and pain that love can bring, leaving the song in a bittersweet fugue between upbeat and melancholy.

Though the sound of Annabelle’s Curse springs up from the deep southern roots of their Virginia home, this band is clearly poised to take their talent far beyond.

Listen to “Lovedrunk Desperados” below.

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