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Exclusive: Listen To Singer-Songwriter Adam Levy’s Creative Tribute “When Your Well Runs Dry”

446269464_640When success hit Adam Levy in the mid-90s with the inception of his indie band The Honeydogs, he had no idea that tragedy was so close ahead. The Honeydogs are a popular Minnesota band, led by Levy as frontman, but the Minneapolis-based singer-songwriter doubles as a solo musician as well. After his son tragically took his own life a few years ago at age 21, Levy used his pain as inspiration, leading to the creation of his debut solo record, Naubinway, set to release in just a few weeks. The latest single off the record, “When Your Well Runs Dry”, is a tribute to both Levy’s son and fellow artists, begging them to continue creating, stating that though he will continue to mourn for his son, Adam Levy is “hoping my son’s tragic, unfinished artistic journey, and the brilliant work he left behind, will inspire me to continue to improve my own life’s work and creative sojourn.”

“When Your Well Runs Dry” begins with a sweet piano prelude, followed by Levy’s gravelly voice singing “We’ve had a surplus year of grieving/Double takes and prison cells/They all ask me when you’re leaving”, John Lennon-esque decrescendos and simple percussive rhythms throbbing in the background. Though his voice is a vehicle for anguish, Levy’s vocals are tenderly treated, raw, and exposed in the best ways. His songwriting is uncomplicated but clever, begging the question “Where you gonna drink when the well runs dry?”, referring to an inevitability of creative relapse all artists face but can solve with renewed passion and vision. In the face of tragedy, singer-songwriter Adam Levy has soared with a grace and talent reserved for only the most seasoned professionals. Continuing his son’s legacy, Levy bares it all on “When Your Well Runs Dry”, a poignant hello, not goodbye, told by clean piano, honest songwriting, and hypnotic hooks.

Listen to “When Your Well Runs Dry” below and pre-order Adam Levy’s Naubinway on iTunes:

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