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Exclusive: Rod Picott’s Video for “Until I’m Satisfied” is a Quirky Love Letter to Howlin’ Wolf

Photo by Stacie Huckeba
Photo by Stacie Huckeba

Decades ago, Rod Picott promised himself he wouldn’t release an album until he figured out who he was as a writer. Back then Picott worked as a sheet rock hanger who had been writing music in private. It’s been 15 years since he put down that work belt and grabbed an acoustic guitar to begin his 2001 debut, Tiger Tom Dixon’s Blues.

Fortune was released in August of this year. Unlike his six prior albums, this one focuses on Picott as he becomes the album’s main character. It’s clear that Picott had a lot to share and wanted people to imagine they were listening to the songs at a live show. He cut six songs during the first day in the studio and completed the entire album in under two weeks.

Just before recording Fortune, Picott found himsef watching endless videos of Howlin’ Wolf. “He was a beautiful man, enormous, and he sang like he was something more than human. His presence was so big he seems like he was a mountain or a weather front. Watching the utter confidence of a totally committed performer like Wolf got me wondering what my own version of that kind of confidence would look like.”

The idea for the “Until I’m Satisfied” video came from that experience. Picott wanted to “explore the narrator of the song as though I was performing theatre. I wanted to become another character for a few hours and uncover how I would physically move if I had the confidence of a man like Howlin’ Wolf. The video is a sort of quirky love letter to Howlin’ Wolf’s performing persona. No, I’m not leavin’ until I’m satisfied…”

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