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Exclusive: Sara Rachele Releases A Delicate And Gorgeous New Folk Single

sarah rachele

Like many eager young artists before her, Sara Rachele found her way to New York City, ready to drink in the energy of the Big Apple. Before she made it up north, however, she made the rounds in the Atlanta scene, at work cleaning for free at legendary venue Eddie’s Attic, rubbing elbows with musicians even before she discovered her own passion and talents.

Rachele’s natural vocal abilities, impressive songwriting chops and unique sense of southern charm mixed with emotional openness have helped her stand out in a crowd since she first started performing as keyboardist and backup singer for the Love Willows, and it was only a matter of time before she took the spotlight as a solo artist. In lieu of a full length debut, for now Rachele seems content to tease her listeners with a series of singles, including her upcoming “Sweet Man Of Mine,” out October 23rd on Angrygal Records.

Today, Rachele is releasing the B-side to that single, “When The Fire Goes Out Tonight,” exclusively on Elmore. Rachele’s voice shines with winsome, heartbreaking sincerity on the deeply intimate track, which feels too melancholy and filled with longing to be about the joys of love, yet too hopeful to be about loss. The sparse, almost imperceptible acoustic instrumentation sits just below Rachele’s voice, which lies somewhere between the clear, crystal pipes of Emmy Lou Harris and the edgier, wavering vocals of Joanna Newsome.

Give “When The Fire Goes Out Tonight” a listen below.

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