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Exclusive: The Tall Pines Deliver An Eerie New Foot-Stomper

The Tall PinesFor Christmas Davis and Connie Lynn Petruk, the Brookyln duo known as the Tall Pines, creating their unique sound means getting a little bit stuck in the past. When Petruk, most often found in sweeping white dresses, and Davis, himself clad in natty suits, take the stage together, they not only cut a figure from the late ’60s, they sound like an act lost to time with their gritty, swampy Southern folk-rock styling that balances itself between the New York City of today and some mythical Nashville of yesteryear.

“Fear Is The Devil” is the duo’s first release from their upcoming EP of the same name, which comes out on November 10th as the follow-up to the band’s self-titled debut. The track finds Davis setting the tone with his gravelly baritone sent against Petruk’s pounding, rhythm percussion. Petruk lends her vocals to the single with searing singularity, howling above Davis with a luscious and clear alto.

The hard, dark edge to the Tall Pines’ music is emulated in their music video for the song, in which the duo stands in a wooded clearing. Staying just out of focus as their vocals slice through the foggy atmosphere, the video references old timey cinema and has a haunted, Southern Gothic feel, pulsing with the electric energy of the song’s soaring warning: “we wrote this song to set you free/Gotta recognize our enemy.”

Watch the video for “Fear Is The Devil” below.


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