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Lee Ritenour

A Twist Of Rit

Artist:     Lee Ritenour

Album:     A Twist Of Rit

Label:     Concord Records

Release Date:     08/21/2015


Lee Ritenour’s A Twist of Rit stands simply as a beauty of instrumentation! This 12-track experiment of both his new and primitive work embodies Jazz all throughout, and is sure to fulfill everyone’s musical demands. A Grammy-winning mastermind, Ritenour celebrates the 40 years since his debut album, First Course, was released on Epic Records. He conjures up funkified, up-beat, mellow and in-between compositions with the help of some astonishing – not to mention reputable – musicians: John Beasley, Dave Grusin, Patrice Rushen, Ernie Watts, Melvin Lee Davis and even more big industry names.

Along with Gibson’s, Fender’s and Taylor’s, there should be a Ritenour brand guitar. This legend’s expertise with the strings is surely superior, and takes over, encompassing the album in such a beautiful manner along with the assistance of some hard-hitting drums and tame-sounding saxophones. Has your day gone wrong? This piece will blissfully lighten your mood.

A Twist Of Rit is undoubtedly another Grammy contender that will – if it hasn’t already – be noticed. It may appear that some songs sound synonymous, but I would argue that’s just the mastered style that Ritenour has completely honed. All contributions to this project are immensely appreciated, making this a Ritenour classic that anyone can listen to in any setting– it’ll serve justice.

– Sean Harrison

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