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The Tennessee Mafia Jug Band

Lester's Loafin Lounge

Artist:     The Tennessee Mafia Jug Band

Album:     Lester's Loafin Lounge

Label:     Spring Fed Records

Release Date:     07/29/2015


What are you waiting for? The band’s name and album title alone make this worth a listen. But ultimately, the sounds are what you’re here for on Lester’s Loafin Lounge. Listen for maracas, washboard, banjo, fiddle, dobro and much more throughout the 14 tracks. Even a “Hillbilly Telecaster” (Google it) is credited as an instrument on the album.

Lester’s Loafin Lounge is a classic country album. If someone told me the original tracks on LLL were actually old tunes the band played decades ago at Ernest Tubb’s record shop with Loretta Lynn on lead vocals, I’d believe it. “Wood and Strings” is a gorgeous stand-out on the album, but not as fast paced and fun as many other tracks.

To anyone who shakes their head at country music these days and longs for classic, clean Americana (with some humor thrown in): buy this album. Between the well-written and very well performed originals, there are covers from icons such as Hank Williams Sr. and Charlie Daniels, and traditional tunes as well.

The titular Lester, who was a founder of the band, passed away in 2014. His son and fellow Jug Band member, Lil’ Mikey Armistead, now owns and maintains the Lounge. Just like Lester and his Lounge, this album is filled with knee slapping good times, good music and good stories.

– Brenda Hillegas

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