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Exclusive: Brandy Zdan Premieres A Crackling, Electric Track From Her New Album

brandy zdan

For Brandy Zdan, Nashville songstress by way of Canada, the word “debut” is relative. Though her self-titled album, which just dropped on November 17th, is indeed her full-length solo debut, Zdan is no stranger to the music biz. Gigging in her native Canada since she was 15, Zdan was one half of the twice Juno nominated, gothic-folk duo Twilight Hotel. Making her way to Austin, she became lead guitar player for the all-female, Americana supergroup the Trishas until the band went on hiatus. Finally settling in Nashville, she poured her energy into a series of EPs, finally leading up to the release of Brandy Zdan, which she proudly calls “the most focused expression of her musical identity to date.”

Today, Elmore is premiering the video for “Dawn Is My Enemy,” a track from the album that exemplifies Zdan’s knack for pairing catchy, unforgettable melodies with blistering rock instrumentation.

The concept of the video is a simple one—Zdan sings and plays guitar in the studio, accompanied by a drummer, but the stark, gritty black and white color palate adds an element of ferocity to the track. The song begins with a shout, and doesn’t let up, landing somewhere between love and lust as Zdan’s powerful growl calls out the breaking dawn as if she was the other woman: “she will take you from this bed/she will take you from my arms.” Zdan’s playful imagery and curled-upper-lip vocals dropkick the maudlin conventions of a sad, jilted lover, injecting the track instead with a furious strength.

Check out “Dawn Is My Enemy” below, and make sure to pick up a copy of Brandy Zdan today.

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