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Exclusive: Bulletproof Stockings Wows With Their New Single, “Mind Clear”

Bulletproof Stockings by Shervin Lainez
Bulletproof Stockings by Shervin Lainez

If rock n roll isn’t the first thing you picture when you imagine the Chasidic community, four tough ladies from Crown Heights, Brooklyn are looking to change the way you think.

Defying all stereotypes, they’re turning out a brash, bold, empowered brand of alt- cum- electro rock that’s garnering them major attention, from such publications as the New Yorker, VICE, Entertainment Weekly and the Wall Street Journal. Their sold-out performance for an all-female audience at Arlene’s Grocery last year was even featured on Oxygen Channel’s series, Living Different.

Now, with the conclusion of a successful Kickstarter campaign, lead vocalist /pianist Perl Wolfe, cellist Elisheva Maister, violinist Dana Pestun and drummer/vocalist Dalia Shusterman are preparing to drop Homeland-Call-Stomp this December.

“Mind Clear,” a single from their upcoming album, is a crackling, fresh track that proves why these ladies are generating such a buzz. With thrashing drums, half sung, half spoken rap verses and even carnivalesque oom-pah-pahs, the song swirls dark and turbulent through a universe of twists and turns in a mere four minutes.

Lead singer Wolfe says of the track, ““Mind Clear” is a song about self-empowerment. Overcoming the impulse to self-sabotage… the narrator is tuning out the negative inner voice that says, ‘It’ll never work’ and instead responds, ‘Yes it will, I’m here, I’ve got this.'”

From the first line, when Wolfe intones in a seductive, growling hush, “Don’t dance near the edge, they told me,” “Mind Clear” lets you know that these women aren’t messing around. They know what they want, and you better believe they’re gonna get it.

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