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Exclusive: Celebrate Yourself With Kathy Kallick Band’s Contemplative Folk Track “Snowflakes”

kkb horizOakland-based, Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Kathy Kallick knows how important it is to be an individual. That’s why she and her band, the Kathy Kallick Band, have released their one-of-a-kind fifth album, Foxhounds, today. Featuring guitar, mandolin, upright bass, fiddle, banjo, and the dobro, the record is an unparalleled blend of folk and bluegrass–which the band tackles best.

After receiving a holiday card from a friend that included two identical mylar snowflakes, Kathy was inspired to compose “Snowflakes”, a track off the new record, referencing the belief that no two snowflakes are alike. Stating “Sometimes we go along, assuming we’re on the same page with another person, and then it unravels. The differences can become glaring, and there’s no way out but out,” Kathy penned a lush track with wide instrumentals, featuring her expert songwriting and polished vocals.

Opening with a rousing folk jaunt, “Snowflakes” focuses mainly on telling a story. While Kathy’s experienced voice sings evocative lyrics like “I look at you and you look at me/I look in the mirror and I know you’ll never see/The places I am going and the places I have been,” twinkling bass lines and thick banjo strumming serve as an emphatic, comforting background. Though Kathy’s distinctive voice relays a beautiful message about individuality, it is not the only driving force behind “Snowflakes”–the rich tones of each instrument seem to be meticulously woven together to create a cohesive, intricate melody aided by subtle harmony. Combining the grassroots feel of folk music with the energetic vibe of bluegrass, the Kathy Kallick Band produces a complex city of sound and emotion on “Snowflakes”.

Listen to “Snowflakes” below and connect with the Kathy Kallick Band on their Facebook page

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