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Exclusive: Get Lost In Matt Bauer’s Lush New Track, “I Am Trying To Disappear”

Photo by Helena Price
Photo by Helena Price


In his new album, Dream’s End, singer/songwriter Matt Bauer transports the listener to a world far from reality. For this project, Bauer expanded his palette to create lush, rhythmic, heavily instrumental songs, crafting an atmosphere where his imagery and emotion could flourish. The album unfolds as a journey, with the protagonist exploring different emotional states, ultimately looking for the answer to an impossible question: what happens when a dream is lost?

The song “I Am Trying to Disappear,” a track from Dream’s End, is lyrically stunning. Bauer’s vocals fall somewhere between singing and whispering, which forces you to lean in with rapt attention. Bauer has a captivating, poetic sense of imagery, such as when he sings, “With the sunset in her fists she’ll crush the end of the day.” This is the kind of song best enjoyed with closed eyes and an open mind to imagine the scenes Bauer paints. Beautifully executed, the track carries a magic of its own, yet also evokes a sense of intrigue, begging to be heard in context with the rest of the album, leading on down the path into Bauer’s instrumentally constructed, fantastical landscape.

Set to be released on November 13, Dream’s End was a national project, recorded in Texas, Kentucky, California, Arkansas and New York. Along with the CD and digital copies, Bauer will also be releasing his album on limited edition transparent coke bottle green vinyl. Listen to “I Am Trying To Disappear” below.



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  1. […] Matt Bauer’s new album creates a magical world where you need to actively listen or you’ll run the risk of missing the beauty that lies within. There are so many albums released today that don’t have nearly as much character as this, as I recently told my friend, saying, “It’s like listening to art.” The imagery that Bauer creates with his lyrics is breathtaking, and this is an album that I would recommend listening to on its own while doing nothing else. In fact, Bauer is releasing Dream’s End on green-clear colored vinyl, which would be the ideal way to listen to it since listening to vinyl is an event in itself, demanding all your attention… something Bauer’s album definitely deserves. […]