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Exclusive: James & The Drifters Pour All Of Their Lovin’ Into “Can’t Take No More”

James & The Drifters by Adam Garland
James & The Drifters by Adam Garland

Life is full of unexpected twists and turns. For Brent Chamberlain, the frontman for James & the Drifters, 2014 was just such a rollercoaster year.

After the release of their full length album, All That Gold, three of the band’s six members quit suddenly and unexpectedly. But Chamberlain had also recently married and become a father, and he chose to let these overwhelmingly positive moments carry him through in his life and creative process. After quickly recruiting guitarist Andy Scheer and drummer Dan Willig to round out the original trio of Chamberlin, Kyle Jackson and Andrew Freehauf, the newly formed group immediately got to work on new material, Chamberlain using the inspiration of his new wife and child to pen new tunes. Now, thanks to their refusal to throw in the towel, the band is set to release their Get the Spirit EP on November 20th.

“Can’t Take No More,” a single off of their upcoming EP, is cool, smooth and jazzy, with a measured lilt in its step. Chamberlain says of the track, “”Can’t Take No More” is about going all in on love. It’s cutting the bullshit and going all in because you’ve found someone to go all in on. And when you’re all in, you’ve gotta do things the right way and that ain’t always the easiest way, in fact sometimes the easy way is just cheap. But being vulnerable is about experiencing grace, and you don’t get that unless you’re all in.” The passion and love that the golden voiced lead singer pours into the work is evident, as it oozes with warmth and stylized syncopation that wanes and crescendos to keep the track gliding along.

Listen to “Can’t Take No More” below, and pre-order Get The Spirit here.

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