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Exclusive: Listen To Singer-Songwriter Jordy Searcy’s Poignant Ballad “Real Love”

jmSlwY8lBcootIYwOTa-tmoI48iJJAxuLmpvEzfnYeIAfter a successful run on season 7 of NBC’s The Voice as a part of Team Pharrell, 21-year-old Alabama-born, Nashville-based singer-songwriter Jordy Searcy is releasing his latest, much anticipated EP, Seasons, tomorrow. Having concluded a few tours with fellow Voice contestant Taylor Phelan, Searcy is making a name for himself with an active stage presence, clear passion, and undeniable talent.

“Real Love”, a track off the upcoming EP, is meant to embody Autumn, pounding with pop hooks at some points and pulsing quietly with nuanced folk elements at others. The track begins with an eerie choral-like vocal beat, merging straight into Searcy’s mature, poignant songwriting, as his tenderly trained vocals sing lines like “You can take me home tonight/If you really want to/A quick fix is what both of us need/Make believe like we’re helpless and happy/Hide the bruises underneath the sheets.” Gentle vocal sweeps, orchestral chorus arrangements, and full multi-instrumentation allow seamless transitions from Searcy’s softened falsetto to his vocal crescendos.

The lyrics alone prove that this singer-songwriter is unlike any other his age; profound, stripped-raw honesty is written in melody but the music itself is a vast expanse of instrumental technique, expert vocals, and genre exploration. This sort of learned skill might be found in a renowned musician with a lengthy discography but it is rare in young singer-songwriters: with an eagerness to tackle new territory in his music and an effortless talent for doing so, Jordy Searcy proves that he can, and wants to, change with the seasons.

Listen to “Real Love” below and connect with Jordy Searcy on his website and Facebook page:

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