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Exclusive: Singer-Songwriter David Lane Releases A Heartbreaker With “What Kept You Here So Long”

Last month, country-rock singer-songwriter David Lane released his latest EP, Hello Georgia, which was met with high praise and a loyal fanbase. Now, the smooth country rocker is back with a previously unreleased new track, “What Kept You Here So Long”.

A more subtle song with less rock influences than usual, the track is a soft showcase of Lane’s widely trained vocal range with echoing instrumentation and bittersweet lyrics. From the first light guitar strum, it is clear that the track is going to be a heartbreaker, which is heightened by the beginning lines, as Lane sings sorrowfully “If leaving me is so easy/What kept you here so long?/There’s got to be a reason/Why you were holding on.” Going on to sing more melancholy lyrics accompanied by modest drum beats and wistful guitar lines, Lane’s vocal sweeps lead the way to rises in melody which gently fall into whirling rhythms.

Though the lyrics themselves offer a merely melancholy story, Lane’s songwriting offers talent, insight, and poise. With tender tempos, dismal but thoughtful lyrics, and charming vocals, “What Kept You Here So Long” is a bittersweet folk track: bitter because of its raw message but sweet because of its raw talent.

Listen to “What Kept You Here So Long” below and connect with David Lane on his Facebook page:

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