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Exclusive: “The Good Doctor” Shows Off Fable Cry’s Love for Unique, Visual Performances

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“We have always strived to be a band that is not just there to be heard, but also to be seen,” says the members of Nashville’s Fable Cry. Their brand of unique shows with costumes and masks isn’t just a musical concert, but a theatrical performance as well. Listening to them is fun, but watching them perform is better.

Last summer, Fable Cry released a music video to their song “The Good Doctor” in anticipation of the latest full length album release, We’ll Show You Where the Monsters Are.

“We collaborated with the Nashville-based puppeteer duo, Sailors & Maidens, knowing long before the paint was dry that we wanted to bring these little puppet creatures to life on the stage. This video here is from our album release party, where these dreams first came true!  Enjoy – especially if you’ve never seen us live before; it’s a sneak peak into just a few of the many imaginative and theatrical elements we bring to the stage each night!”

Watch the video for “The Good Doctor” below. The beautifully calming violin is the perfect backdrop (and contrast) to the chaotic vocals. This is a colorful, spooky-fun freak show in the form of a band who promises they always try to put on a show worth seeing.

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