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Exclusive: Dance Along To “The Do I Do” From Singer-Songwriters Cheryl B. Engelhardt And Brian Desveaux

YMWuZfLpne_RPcYTQykBG_qSZ6t-sew3_23f6UV5-zjt4v_tzK95hol6_R73J8FG2c_uhg=s2048New York based pop singer-songwriter Cheryl B. Engelhardt knows everything there is to know about music. Beyond being a musician, she is also a composer, music supervisor, and branding consultant. She has carved a career out of helping aspiring musicians make the right decisions to get them where they need to be, which attests to her own success, having composed original music for television, toured across the US and Europe with her band, and launched her own music education business. In preparation for her upcoming record, Inevitably, a collaboration with a series of other indie artists, Cheryl has released her new track “The Do I Do” featuring Brian Desveaux, vocalist and guitarist for 90s pop-rock band Nine Days.

Beginning with a burst of acapella-like beats, “The Do I Do” immediately showcases Cheryl and Desveaux’s gorgeous harmonies. Desveaux’s voice is milky smooth while Cheryl’s has a lush, sugary sound to it, together creating the most cohesive melody that is maintained throughout the entire song, though Desveaux solos for a few lines here and there. The track is a catchy conglomerate of wide choral arrangements, pop sweeps, and bright indie beats. Together, Cheryl and Desveaux sing “You can dance around the other until you find another lover/In the end, it’s always the truth/There’s never been a better version of me without you” with a chemistry that leaks from their unified vocals. Pair this harmony with the constant echoing bumps and booms of the bubbly instrumentals and you have a candy-coated love song with the potential to stand the test of time.

Listen to “The Do I Do” below, pre-order Cheryl’s upcoming record Inevitably to get an automatic download of the title track, and connect with Cheryl on Facebook:

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