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Exclusive: Emi Meyer Streams The Deluxe Reissue Of Her Sparkling Album, Galaxy’s Skirt

Emi MeyerBorn Kyoto, Japan to a Japanese mother and American Father, and raised in Seattle for most of her childhood, Emi Meyer’s dual-heritage– the push and pull between East and West– has defined her not only as a citizen of the world, but as an artist. Pursuing a classical training in jazz, she won the Seattle-Kobe Jazz vocalist competition in 2007, and has since found international success. Her 2009 debut, Curious Creature, hit #1 on the iTunes Jazz Charts in Japan, and won her the title of iTunes Japan’s best new artist. In America, she’s collaborated with singer/songwriters Colbie Caillat and Yael Naim, and had her tunes featured in numerous commercials and TV shows. She’s also built a following of fans around the world with her charm and talent, exemplified by her social media pages, which feature posts and responses to fans interchangeably in Japanese and English.

Today, Elmore is premiering an exclusive stream of Galaxy’s Skirt: Deluxe Edition, which will be released on December 4th. The Deluxe Edition of her 2013 release features a Soul Catalyst remix of the title track and a brand new addition, “What Would You Say.” From the opening title track, when Meyer tells us with a wink that she “peeked up the galaxy’s skirt,” you know you’re in for a light-hearted, fun romp. As a whole, the album has an easy, well-worn, classic feel to it, a collection of warm, sweet tunes that you can bury yourself in like a cozy sweater. Meyer flawlessly blends jazz and pop, as the songs flow together into a strong, cohesive whole.

Though Meyer’s song are bubbly and uplifting, she isn’t afraid to wade into more serious waters in songs such as “Tokyoto,” in which she touches on the roots of her identity, crooning, “From East to West, water causes thirst/ I tried my best to leave the milk on which I nursed… Kyoto I’ll come back for you.” Meyer’s seemingly effortless vocal stylings and clever lyricism are a welcome breath of fresh air. In a nutshell? Galaxy’s Skirt is an album you’ll definitely have on repeat.

Stream Galaxy’s Skirt: Deluxe Edition below.

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