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Exclusive: Rob Williams Delivers A Rollicking Good Time On His New Track, “Best I Can Do”


Rob Williams by Gray Gurkin
Rob Williams by Gray Gurkin

Growing as an artist often means pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone. For Southern FM, the follow-up to his 2013 solo debut, A Place In The Sun, singer/songwriter Rob Williams took that idea a bit more literally than most. He hit the road with one goal in mind—to make a record in a new place, with all new collaborators. This creative wanderlust brought him to the door of Salim Nourallah’s Pleasantry Lane Studio in Dallas, where Nourallah took on the role of producer, injecting Williams’ signature Americana and country leanings with a bit of gritty Texas rock ‘n’ roll.

Today, Elmore is premiering “Best I Can Do” from Southern FM, which releases today. It’s a rollicking, foot-stomping track, with speedy guitar work, hand-clapping and dance along percussion. Williams carries a light-hearted humor in his vocals, which has a perfect edge of rasp. As Williams says of the track, “”Best I Can Do” is about looking back and not having regrets. There was a book out a couple of years ago about the top regrets people had when they knew they were dying. Things like wishing they had not worked so hard at the expense of spending time with family, and having the courage to live the life they wanted instead of the one that was expected of them. Seems ironic that such clarity might not come until so late in life. “Best I Can Do” is about trying to recognize that clarity while you can still act on it. It’s about focusing less on the ‘rat race’ in a world that seems to put a lot of value on racing rats.”

Williams packages this serious message in a good-time song that refuses to take itself too seriously. As he says in the song, “I have just what the good Lord gave me, a little luck and a lot of crazy.” Don’t forget a heavy helping of talent too.

Listen to “Best I Can Do” below, and pick up a copy of Southern FM today!

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