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Brooke Annibale

The Simple Fear

Artist:     Brooke Annibale

Album:     The Simple Fear

Label:     Self Released

Release Date:     10/02/2015


Now based in Pittsburgh after a stint in Nashville, Brooke Annibale makes music that embraces melancholic soundscapes which are easy on the ear, but somewhat foreboding overall. Elegiac and unhurried, her songs create a sense of idyllic repose, but the lyrics hint at darker designs that may not be as serene as they first suggest. Strings, guitar, piano and percussion create a lush backdrop for Annibale’s haunting vocals, and lend a hypnotic suggestion in their wake. It’s easy to understand why her music has been in demand for several television show soundtracks, given its dramatic intent and generally surreal sensibility.

Nevertheless, there’s no denying the portent beauty that resides within the somewhat ominously titled The Simple Fear, Annibale’s fourth album to date and her most striking effort thus far. Despite the singular sense of desire and uncertainty that pervades the music overall, the songs are quite striking. “Like the Dream of It,” “Remind Me” and “Alright” offer a hypnotic allure that never subsides, making each entry worthy of repeated listens, just as the compelling chorus that accompanies “Find My Way” makes it a standout all on its own. Indeed, despite any initial impression that might suggest otherwise, The Simple Fear isn’t all that unobtrusive. In truth, these mellow musings leave a distinct aural impression.

– Lee Zimmerman

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