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Jimmy and the Mustangs

Another Round

Artist:     Jimmy and the Mustangs

Album:     Another Round

Label:     Self-released

Release Date:     10/01/2015


Big band and Texas swing come to mind as soon as track one, “Roll the Dice,” starts to play. It’s the perfect song to introduce listeners to the rest of the songs on Another Round, the latest release from Austin, Texas’ Jimmy and the Mustangs.

Just when you think you may have found your favorite track, the next one is even better. The rockin’ classic 1950s vibe of Another Round hopefully will influence many emerging artists to help the genre make a comeback.

The entire album sounds like it could have been the soundtrack to the evening your grandparents met, at the local dance (think track seven, “Hotel San Jose”…or any of the tracks, honestly). Ironically, Jimmy and the Mustangs emerged as part of the 1980s punk scene (they even opened for the Go-Gos). As the band progressed and they made the move from California to Texas, their rockabilly and swing sounds became more prominent.

This is the type of music we should be listening to and having a good time with. It’s just a shame Another Round was released now, and not during the summer when we can roll down the windows and play it loud.

—Brenda Hillegas

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