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Kristoffer Bolander

I Forgive Nothing

Artist:     Kristoffer Bolander

Album:     I Forgive Nothing

Label:     Tapete Records

Release Date:     11/13/15


I Forgive Nothing by Kristoffer Bolander is reminiscent of works by artists like Damien Rice, Glen Hansard or Ben Howard, singer-songwriters who touch your heart in all the right places, with lush melodies and beautiful lyrics that depart from the generic albums released by their over-hyped counterparts. What’s incredibly striking is how similar Bolander’s voice is to Neil Young. Bolander has made an album filled with profound lyrics and captivating melodies, and released it at the perfect time– the end of fall and the welcoming of winter snow.  I Forgive Nothing is the kind of album you want to have on in the background while you look out onto snow-covered fields. The instrumentals on this album are magical; Bolander moves between solitary acoustic guitar and full band instrumentals, adding incredible depth to the album. His voice is unique and has a powerful effect on the listener, demanding to be heard in a soft, beckoning way.

The opening track, “Duet of Tourettes,” is a gentle introduction to the steadier “I Forgive Nothing,” on which Bolander’s voice complements the instrumentals. There is a kind of symmetry to it, each verse starting off the same. The guitar on “Rooted,” along with Bolander’s echoing voice, is breathtaking, and it’s probably my favorite on the album. There is a certain sad beauty to the song that drew me in instantly.

As a whole, the album reveals Bolander’s musical depth. He is excellent at producing songs that show different sides to his songwriting, whether slow and drawn out as on “Home,” or faster in tempo on “The Rings Above.” From start to finish, this album was brilliant. I Forgive Nothing stands out with a multitude of quiet moments you can’t help but get lost in, and an atmosphere of peace and reflection. I’m a sucker for a great singer-songwriter album, especially one that’s as good as this. I love everything about Bolander’s album I Forgive Nothing.

– Claudia Arnoldo

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