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Rob Williams

Southern FM

Artist:     Rob Williams

Album:     Southern FM

Label:     Evertone

Release Date:     12/14/15


Rob Williams took the long road to where he is now. His love for music came at a later age than most, and he released his first solo LP, A Place in the Sun, as he approached his 40s. Raised in Virginia, Williams spent many years connecting with the region, roots rock and Americana. This is evident in every Williams song.

His follow up, Southern FM, took Williams out of his comfort zone. He recorded the album based on a map- determining where he had friends/relatives and a possible place to crash is what helped narrow down his search for a studio and producer. He landed in Dallas with producer Salim Nourallah (Rhett Miller, Old 97’s).

Williams’ vocals here aren’t as strong as on 2013’s LP. Maybe it’s because of the removal of his familiar places and same routine. Williams definitely shouldn’t stop taking risks, though. His lyrics are superb, and he’s destined to become better with time. Resist your initial urge to skip songs and listen to Southern FM in its entirety. Standout tracks include “Best I Can Do” and “Anything But Gone.”

– Brenda Hillegas

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