Webb Wilder – 1/9 – FitzGerald’s (Berwyn, IL)

webb wilder, berwyn's fitzgerald's

Webb Wilder has described his music as “rock for roots fans and roots for rock fans.” It’s not just that that description summarizes things pretty well, it’s that Wilder was making precisely that kind of music before “roots” was scarcely a going concern.

Since the 1980s, Wilder has been releasing albums chock full of his signature blend of genres rooted in both his home state of Mississippi (typified by blues) and his adopted city of Nashville (typified by country). Today, Wilder is still releasing albums that continue to refine that trademark sound, most recently exemplified on this fall’s Mississippi Moderne.

Still touring in support of that album, Wilder will hit Berwyn, Illinois’ venerable FitzGerald’s on January 9.

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