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The Rockstar Steps Behind the Lens

starrTell us, what can’t the Beatles do? Turns out Ringo Starr is an avid photographer, a hobby he picked up a child, and which he shows off in Photograph.

At the end of last year, Starr gathered a selection of his favorite snapshots from throughout the years to create this beautiful, hardcover memoir, complete with his commentary. Not only does the book take you intimately into the lives of the Beatles during their heyday, it also features a young, pre-fame Starr, and other unexpected, personal moments from one of the most famous drummers in the world.

Ringo says of the project, “I have always loved taking photos. All the Beatles had camera… but I’d been snapping away for a while before that. We always had a real photographer around us… but I took pictures of them photographing us – and I had a unique perspective of that incredible period of our lives. I hope you’ll enjoy a few unique Beatles memories with me.”

All proceeds from the book go to Starr’s charity, the Lotus Foundation, which aims to “fund, support, participate in, and promote charitable projects aimed at advancing social welfare in diverse areas, included but not limited to substance abuse, cerebral palsy, brain tumors, cancer, battered women and their children, homelessness, and animals in need.”


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