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Exclusive: Banta Releases “I’m Not Yours” off Upcoming Debut Album

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The Los Angeles indie rock five-piece Banta have released “I’m Not Yours” to get listeners pumped up for their debut album, Dark Charms, out February 12th.

Banta came to be in 2013 after musician Sharaya Mikael moved to LA from Nashville where she had been working on her  solo career (Mikael realized that her indie rock songs might be best performed with the help of a band).  “When I moved to LA and I found the rest of the group, it fell into place,” Mikael has said. “It’s one of those weird things. It really just came together. It’s been amazing because the band takes what I bring to the table with my songwriting and completely rounds it out to create a complete picture.”

“I’m Not Yours” perfectly backs up Mikael’s musical journey- the song has a breezy pop intro that reps LA and smooth, sweet vocals as a nod to Nashville. Listen below and look forward to what this band can do next month. Pre-order Dark Charms on Banta’s website.

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