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Exclusive: Check Out The Video For Reed Turner’s Foot Stomping New Track “I Got Love”

Photo by Nicola Gell
Photo by Nicola Gell

Disclaimer: Reed Turner’s new track “I Got Love” is gonna make you want to get up and dance. The track, off Turner’s new EP Native Tongue, which was released January 22, has killer guitar riffs and an infectious groove. The album is a follow up to Turner’s 2013 debut EP, Ghosts in the Attic, and came to fruition after Turner found solace and a creative space in his backyard shed, where he would go to escape the difficulties life threw at him between the two releases.

Phoebe Hunt is a featured vocalist on the track, and she stars in his new music video for the track alongside Turner. The video plays on a fast paced juxtaposition of two personas – the sweet Hunt, who, with a wink, eats fruit and brushes her teeth, and the devilish Turner, who pours beer in his Trix and steals cupcakes from little girls.

But once they don their leather jackets and head towards the club, Turner and Hunt both exude swagger in spades, emphasized by the kicking drum beat and rockabilly twang of the song. The two finally cross paths at a bar, which is packed with their wild pals, all dressed up for the fun. Reed and Hunt grab a mic and join in, and if this is any indication of their live shows, we’ll be there with bells on.

Put on your dancing shoes and check out “I Got Love” below.

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