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Exclusive: Country Music Gets A Beautiful, Unexpected Emo Twist with El Campo’s “Sloe-Eyed”

El Campo by Kaitlyn Grimsland
El Campo by Kaitlyn Grimsland

Scanning El Campo’s band bio, you’ll find a series of staccato remarks about the five piece group of guys, who hail from both Austin and San Antonio: “They’re proud of Texas. They’re proud of tacos. They’ll play your town, if you’ll have them.” It’s this highly endearing brand of Texan cowboy swagger tempered with poetic bashfulness that makes them a refreshing and exciting addition to today’s increasingly indistinguishable Americana scene.

Today, the band is premiering “Sloe-Eyed,” a track from their upcoming Skinny Kids/Sloe-Eyed double-A Side EP, set for a January 15th release. The track is simple but tender, yearning and unique in its juxtaposition of classic country instrumentation, with Zalm Almaguer’s banjo lightly picking in the background, against the nasal, Emo-leaning vocals of lead singer and songwriter Jerid Reed Morris.

Morris’ raw slide to the song’s high notes and understated, echoing production carry with them a wistful but never maudlin sense of heartache, buoyed by joyous, rambling instrumentation.

Listen to “Sloe-Eyed” below, and check these up and coming alt-country heroes out when they hit the road on a country wide tour in February (dates can be found on their Facebook page here).

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