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Exclusive: John Helix Releases the Sweet and Somber “Roman Tic” off Upcoming Album

John Helix Promo Pic“Weltschmerz “- German for romantic sadness. This odd combo of a feeling is what John Helix says his music is all about.

“Roman Tic” perfectly fits this description. It’s a sweet song with a bit of a dreary backing, slow and somber, but still the type of song you can picture yourself singing with a few friends and Helix himself sitting in the middle strumming his guitar. “Roman Tic” works for many scenarios- closing credits, a love montage, your next playlist for the commute to work, or just part of the soundtrack of your own situations. Relate to it below and look forward to more beautiful songs from Helix when his album Tune Out, Turn Off, Disconnect releases on March 4th.

Fans in the San Diego area, where Helix resides, can join the album release party on March 5th at Lestat’s West Music Venue.

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