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Exclusive: Katie Lee Reminds Us Of The Importance Of Love With Her New Video, “Real Religion”

KT_PIC2Today, singer/songwriter Katie Lee premieres her video for “Real Religion,” where she sings about the importance of love in everyday life. The song is from her new EP Real Religion, which is Lee’s sophomore release.

The video is simple but striking, featuring Lee singing against a mostly black background, with the word “love” flashing in lights behind her. The track is inspired with pop and R&B rhythms, and Lee dances to the beat throughout the video. Of the project, Lee says, “with so much tragedy surrounding us in the world, Real Religion is my way of trying to turn focus away from negativity and towards what’s most important; Love. I think this video for the title track is the reveal for what the entire EP is about.” With the word love behind her in the video, practically hidden away and revealed only in bright glimpses of light, it shows that sometimes it is difficult to remember that love can be found everywhere. But, if you look hard enough, love can be found even in the darkest of places. Lee’s EP Real Religion can be purchased here, and the video for “Real Religion” can be viewed below.

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