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Exclusive: Listen To Bill Eberle’s Tale Of Deception In “Too Late to Take it Back”

bill eberleToday, singer/songwriter Bill Eberle is premiering his track, “Too Late To Take It Back,” on which he sings about a heartache no one wants to face — finding out that his girlfriend has been seeing someone else. Clearly, Eberle isn’t afraid to sing about difficult experiences, and doesn’t shy away from topics that others might find too personal to share. He was born in Pittsburgh, put down roots in Brooklyn for a while, but soon made his way to Nashville, where he set out to write a folk record. His debut EP Ashes will be released February 12th, and promises to be an ambitious exploration of blues, rock, folk, soul and country.

“Too Late To Take It Back” is the final track on Ashes. Eberle sings about the painful discovery that his girlfriend was sleeping with another guy. Even though she begs him to take her back, Eberle makes it clear that, as the title suggests, “it’s too late to take it all back.” Even through the tough realization, Eberle is razor sharp in his witty songwriting, penning clever lines such as, “you keep sayin’ that you miss me/but you let him drink my whiskey/and I ain’t inclined to let that one go.” 

Give “Too Late To Take It Back” a listen below.

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