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Make Memories With Nashville Singer-Songwriter Phillip LaRue

_mAlgHLYaj_qCw_KXBtQwIpfhVnLy_OQs3q3U4MQq2YSince the end of Christian-pop duo LaRue in 2003, founding member Phillip LaRue has released two solo records, the latest of which, You, was released back in November. Evolving into a Nashville-based solo singer-songwriter, LaRue has since shed the pop tones of his youth, shared with younger sister Natalie, for matured vocals, profound and practiced songwriting, and subtle indie instrumentation.

One of the most acclaimed tracks on You is “Memories”, which LaRue reflects is about how “If we never felt pain, then honestly we would never truly know what joy felt like.” Beginning with a candid falsetto, LaRue quickly launches into the impassioned songwriting that has shaped his solo career thus far, singing “Memories are like falling leaves/They’re blowing in the wind/You try but you can’t catch them”. In an acoustic session with One On One, a light guitar strumming acts as the only accompaniment, following LaRue’s lead as his versatile, vibrant vocals relay his most personal words. With sweet, shaky descrendos and zealous roars, “Memories” is a fiery love story with relatable lyrics, natural vocals, and tender instrumentation.

Listen to “Memories” below and connect with Phillip LaRue on Facebook:

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