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Exclusive: Take In The Mesmerizing, “Avant Pop” Sounds of Reaches

ReachesUnder his new moniker Reaches, Justin Randel is putting his education in musical composition to use in an unexpected way, creating self-proclaimed “avant pop” that bridges the gap between easy danceability and self-aware complexity.

“Avant pop” may leave you scratching your head, but once you crank up “White Birch of the Baltic,” the first single from his upcoming album I Am Alive and Well, you’ll realize that there’s no better term to describe the “introspective party music” that Reaches is turning out.

Randel’s track has a pulsing electronic beat that’s impossible not to groove along to, but the languorous, muted vocals that float overtop subvert the typical sentiments of a party standard. “Try to stay young,” he intones with a sort of winking melancholy, as if he’s writing a club kid anthem for an aging generation.

As Reaches, Randel is piecing together over a decade of experience and insight as a musician and subsequent world traveller, creating intelligent music that goes beyond comfortable classification.

Give “White Birch of the Baltic” a listen below, and look out for I Am Alive And Well, which will be released on February 19th on We Be Friends Records.

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