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Exclusive: The Surreal McCoys Put An Animated Spin On “Whole Lotta Folsom,” Which Pairs Cash with Zeppelin

Surreal McCoysTo help you understand the Surreal McCoys, I think it would be best to just start out with a McCoy role call: Billy Saul McCoy, Cletus McCoy, Clint McCoy, Elvis McCoy, Goatboy McCoy. From Cletus to Goatboy, this DC based five piece is serious in their commitment to not taking themselves too seriously. They even crack wise about the fact that their genre, “Americana Punk,” or “Cowpunk,” may not be a real one. But when you hear the Surreal McCoys play, you’re bound to stop laughing and start dancing, as these guys deliver sweaty, maximum energy tunes about love, loss and ramblin’.

Released back in September, their sophomore album, The Howl & The Growl, made it on top album lists and earned them a spot performing with the Bottle Rockets at Americanafest 2015 in Nashville. It was produced by Eric Ambel, an industry veteran who has also played with Joan Jett, Steve Earle and Nils Lofrgen.

Today, the guys are premiering the animated music video for “Whole Lotta Folsom,” the lead single from The Howl & The Growl, that playfully nods to Johnny Cash’s “Folsom Prison Blues,” with the amped up guitar of Led Zeppelin. Elvis and Goatboy trade guitar licks along the blistering bass line from Clint and drummer Billy Saul. Cletus provides the deep, gravel-tinged vocals that hold the track together.

In the video, L.P. and J.P. (“fictional characters who are definitely neither Luther Perkins nor Jimmy Page,” scrolling text cheekily notes at the end of the video) ride the rails, performing everywhere, from churches to gin joints, without making a dime. When the two characters bump into each other at a crossroads, an unexpected visitor helps them realize that two guitars are better than one.

The video is a fun little romp, chock full of allusions to musical legends, from pictures of Johnny Cash on the church’s stained glass windows to a hidden Zoso, Led Zeppelin’s fourth studio album.

Check out the video for “Whole Lotta Folsom” below.

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