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Blinddog Smokin’

High Steppin'

Artist:     Blinddog Smokin'

Album:     High Steppin'

Label:     Silver Talon

Release Date:     07/17/2015


These guys don’t play around and don’t ease you in gently. Track one, “Pimp Shoes,” has everything you need to get your Saturday night going. The funk is top notch and the chorus is perfect. More bands need to incorporate that feature!

Lead vocalist Carl Gustafson (who also plays a mean harmonica) first came to appreciate the blues when he ran away from home as a teenager and hid out at a little after hours cafe called the Pic-a-Rib Cafe. It sounds like the perfect place to become familiar with the type of music Gustafson and the rest of Blinddog Smokin’ now play.

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This band’s music is filled with terrific backstories just like that one. High Steppin’, the band’s 11th album, also contains liner notes with the inspiration behind each song, lyrics, and some glossy photos. You don’t get that too much these days, so the addition always helps listeners sing along from the first hit of the play button.

—Brenda Hillegas

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