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Boogie Beasts

Come And Get Me

Artist:     Boogie Beasts

Album:     Come And Get Me

Label:     Blues Boulevard Records

Release Date:     01/15/2016


No, it’s not Dan Auerbach from the Black Keys. Any time I played this album in the car with others riding alongside me, I had to correct them.

Though Boogie Beasts lead singer Jan Jaspers’ vocals are strikingly similar to Auerbach’s and the music is deep-rooted in American blues-rock, these guys hail from the far away land of Belgium. Come and Get Me is filled with tracks that do not try to be something more than what they are. These guys came together and wanted to make a blues-rock album with swag, and that’s exactly what happened. There is a confidence in this album that permeates from each track—most fast, some instrumental, all get to the point. However, because of the album’s simple sound, it may get lost amongst the other artists that occupy their genre. Regardless, the album is the kind you’ll probably want to listen to more than once and shows how other musicians in the world interpret the blues.

“Blast” prepares you for the heavy blues-rock found throughout, effortlessly feeding into “Calling My Name,” about the desperate need to hear that the right person needs you as much as you need them. Next, “Shake ‘Em” is a foot-stomping, get-off-your-ass track that I dare anyone not to at least tap their foot to, and “Do Her Thing” is another one that makes you want to dance with a beer in hand. And the rest of the album is filled with plenty more highs.

—Claudia Arnoldo

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