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Cicada Rhythm

Cicada Rhythm

Artist:     Cicada Rhythm

Album:     Cicada Rhythm

Label:     Normaltown Records

Release Date:     10/30/2015


When I first read Cicada Rhythm’s press release, I was struck that it read like a beautiful love story, just begging to be turned into a novel. Andrea DeMarcus graduated from Juilliard, and then went back to Georgia, in search of something that would inspire her. Dave Kirslis was riding freight trains, looking for his own source of inspiration. The two found each other, and started Cicada Rhythm. The band allowed them to both grow as artists, in exactly the way they wanted to, but it wasn’t just artistic freedom that the pair found. As Kirslis hints, “I could tell by her eyebrows that… well, I wouldn’t say it was love at first sight.” The two have been making music ever since their auspicious meeting, and recently were able to release their self-titled album. It is an Americana, folk and country mix, composed of all sort of different sounds that showcase the skill these two artists possess. Their worlds collided, creating a truly special album.

What really stands out to me about the duo’s debut is the vocalists’ intriguing voices. Their singing captivates you from beginning till end, and though they harmonize well, there are moments of imperfection that are endearing, yet without sappiness. DeMarcus’ vocals are Billie Holiday-esque, while Kirslis sings in a more laid-back country style. Theirs is a simple album, but simple in the best way possible; Cicada Rhythm does not frustrate the listener or force them to question anything, but it does find a unique place in your heart, with sincere, reflective lyrics. Title track “The Keeper” sets the tone for the album, infusing both southern style and indie rock. “Shadows Before You” and “Static in My Dreams” have a dreamlike quality that resonates with you long after they have ended. “Do Not Destroy” shows the love felt between the two artists, and it carries with it a sense that they’ve found something within themselves that they had been longing to find. “Dirty Hound,” one of the more upbeat tracks, is my favorite to listen to, but that doesn’t mean that magic can’t be found on the softer tracks.

Cicada Rhythm is a truly fantastic record, one that shows how important it is to find the right partner in anything you do.

-Claudia Arnoldo

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