Bottle Rockets – 1/25 – City Winery (New York City, NY)

Bottle Rockets by Otis Gibbs
Bottle Rockets by Otis Gibbs

The Bottle Rockets built a 20+ year career for themselves by boldly mixing up genres before it was commonplace. With their razor-sharp everyman lyricism and full-bodied rock n roll swagger, they’ve created a Bottle Rockets brand of punk and rock mixed with country twang, and they’re still swinging.

In Elmore’s review of their latest album, South Broadway Athletic Club, N. Neal Paradise writes, “starting as alt-country with contemporaries like Uncle Tupelo, they have cultivated a sound that’s honest, true and unburdened by high-minded ideals. This is music for the common man, about common people and common concerns.” Read the rest of our review here, and catch these rowdy Missourians when they take the stage at New York City’s City Winery with Marshall Crenshaw on January 25th.

Head to City Winery’s website to buy read more about the show and snag tickets.

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