Grace Potter – 2/11 – Knitting Factory Boise (Boise, ID)

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Given how impossible it is to miss this dynamo out front at any of her performances, it’s all too easy (although, unfair, to be sure) to forget about her band, the Nocturnals. Thus it’s easy to forget that Potter had gone her whole career without actually releasing a solo album—until recently.

Her latest album, Midnight, announces her solo presence with authority and puts her front and center like never before. “I’ve experienced a huge amount of growth and change in the past two years – both personal and professional, and it can be overwhelming for an artist to find ways to express that in a vacuum,” she said. “So I tried to strip away the confines of other people’s expectations. I started tapping into some of the deep-running themes that have shaped me into the human I’ve become, and as I went deeper and deeper, I found the results to be insanely satisfying.”

And in true Potter fashion, she added, “Here I am again wandering into completely uncharted waters—just laying it all out there because ‘why the fuck not?’”

As Potter takes Midnight on the road, find ticket and info on her show at the Knitting Factory Boise here.

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