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Chuck Johnson and Charlyhorse


I’ve played “Name the Inspiration” through multiple spins of Chuck Johnson and Charlyhorse’s Barb Wire, and still new ones pop up all the time. Certainly Poco, the Oak Ridge Boys … Read more

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Roswell Rudd & Heather Masse

Following her romantic standards release, Lock My Heart (2013), with pianist Dick Hyman, Wailin’ Jennys and jazz vocalist Heather Masse again pairs up with an octogenarian. This time she joins … Read more

Brian Cullman

Long time musician and music journalist Brian Cullman is releasing The Opposite of Time, his first solo album in eight years. Produced by Jimi Zhivago & Cullman, The Opposite of … Read more

Bill Pritchard

True Brit pop seems in short supply today, any hints of a new British invasion circumvented by yet another Americana uprising. That said, it’s nice to hear Bill Pritchard carrying … Read more

Guy King

Somehow there just may be some unstated pressure when both your first name and surname call to mind the greatest of bluesmen. Surely it doesn’t hurt to get a major … Read more

Toronzo Cannon

This explosive debut might just mean that Toronzo Cannon could give up his day job as a bus driver for the Chicago Transit Authority. Something tells me, though, that he … Read more

Michael Martin Murphey

All Photos By Kim Thompson   Michael Martin Murphey is one of the few artists who crosses a number of genres, including rock, western, country and bluegrass. He entertained the audience … Read more