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Exclusive: Hear Singer-Songwriter Adam Lempel Blend Genres With “Blue Rooms”

Photo by Adam Kremer
Photo by Adam Kremer
First he learned how to play piano and guitar, then he learned the art of songwriting, followed by a stint in the Baltimore-based rock duo Weekends, and now finally indie-pop singer-songwriter Adam Lempel has settled in the music hub of Amsterdam where he’s studied music composition and music design. Launching himself as a solo artist, his latest record, Still Life, just released last week.

“Blue Rooms”, a track off the new record, has Lempel experimenting with old-school grunge-y pop sounds, all while channeling other big name musicians in small ways that culminate in his own one-of-a-kind sound. With piano-pop similar to Brooklyn-based group Wakey Wakey and melodies that have Avett Brothers-like tendencies, “Blue Rooms” takes cues from the best to make it better. In the music video, the softness and simplicity of the track’s instrumentation lets Lempel’s unsteady, wholly original vocals act as the focus, singing wispy lyrics like “You’re a dreamer/I’m a dream you slept with” while a montage of nature footage and scenes between Lempel and Danish choreographer Sigrid Stigsdatter-Mathiessen play in a stream-of-consciousness-type fashion. The video itself has elements of old-fashioned musical inspiration and the track is a modern, addictive take on indie expression, done admirably and successfully by Lempel.

Listen to “Blue Rooms” below and connect with Adam Lempel on his website:

~Savannah Davanzo

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